Friday, 3 August 2018

IELTS Strategies For Beginners

There is a great deal of information by going through the IELTS examination on sites such as this one. There are beginner levels IELTS course at language schools in your city. The second aspect is to enroll in an online IELTS course. The online alternative is affordable and provides you a broad array of options. You have to ensure that the course is comprehensive and appropriate for the beginners. There are some benefits of taking an elaborate beginner level course. A nice IELTS beginner course has all the question types and the finest strategies. It provides you the basic knowledge of the test.

One may comprehend the things with utmost ease. In case you are new to the IELTS examination, it may be quite confusing. You need to practice scanning or skimming or recognize a paraphrase. You might waste a great deal of time just to locate the meaning of these words. An IELTSnovice course does not have any beforehand awareness of test. It gives explanation on all the aspects in easy terms. You may get complete coverage of the four sections of the test. You may think that you require practice speaking when the reading skills are the real issue. A nice IELTS beginner course provides utmost attention to all the 4 sections.
The course has got twenty short lectures and it takes at least 5 hours to finish. One may take a complete practice tests to recognize your strength and loopholes. You may then have expertise in one or more sections to provide yourself additional practice.
The skilled readers can get the gist fast to comprehend the basic idea of a passage by making use of speed reading. This is known as skimming. They view the titles and headings to recognize the general topic. They know where to see the main idea of the writer. They stop when they comprehend the main idea. One may use the skimming methods to go through fast and not spend over five minutes to go through the passage in the IELTS examination.
Being aware of the organization
An IELTS reading skill goes well with the skimming and to know how the passage gets organized. The effective readers underline the important topic words and phrases. They usually write short summarizing words in the margins. The information may be located by knowing how a text is organized.
Scanning is yet another reading skill which you may hear and is linked with IELTS reading. The effective scanning starts with the study of the question. There are speed-reading methods which can assist you with this.
Recognizing paraphrase
There are many IELTS reading questions which paraphrase the original text. This assists in developing a large vocabulary. To identify the paraphrase starts with being aware of the words which need to be paraphrased. The words like find or discover, prevent or avoid are paraphrased. Your study of vocabulary needs to focus on the conceptual words and these are in the academic word list.  
Guess the unknown words
I assure you that there will be vocabulary you have never witnessed before in the IELTS academic reading module. The high scoring IELTS candidates have a nicely stocked vocabulary and possess the reading skills needed to do the analysis of the word and its meaning.
Management of Time
You may accomplish a score of 7.0 in the IELTS Academic reading module. It is best to get into the universities in the world. It is pivotal that you give yourself sometime to answer the simplest questions and provide the rest of the 10 of your finest guess.
Being aware of your students
It is not feasible to find a great deal of information regarding your students till the start of the course. You need to do some finding of the facts in the first classes. There is some information regarding the students present in the class, their ages and their backgrounds.
Being aware of your timetable
There is a great deal of cover in the IELTS course. You have to ensure that you have ample time to pack all the aspects.
Know your material
You have to familiarize with the material you make use of. You are required to have additional material like the practice tests or the online material. There are many students who do the IELTS preparation and take the IELTS exam each year. The preparation for IELTS means investing a great deal of money on IELTS courses. The IELTS preparation courses prove to be immensely beneficial.
There are several online IELTS preparation websites available. The IELTS preparation sites are operated by trainers who can speak English rarely. You need to ensure that the IELTS preparation website is delivered by the native English speakers with training in ESL teaching. We can make sure that the IELTS preparation materials are the finest in the industry. We have got instructors who are native English speakers and ESL trained. We have got the best results.

Thursday, 2 August 2018


Seabird facilitates the finest IELTS institute in Mohali for the aspiring students. Students from the Punjab region and Mohali study in Seabird International and get the best IELTS and OET education from well trained trainers. Several students take our proper guidance and gain immense experience to avail the finest opportunities available.

Best learning and counselling

Seabird facilitates the finest learning and counselling and eradicates the obstacles to information for its clients. We make an effort to get utmost excellence. Seabird has got a state of the art infrastructure and the best faculty to make the students contented and satisfied. We have well equipped classrooms and labs to take care of the student’s requirements.Seabird International conducts training programs to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to make sure you are successful. Seabird gives you comprehensive training for all the four modules such as speaking, writing, reading and listening. Our trainers facilitate the finest quality tips for the students and provide mock tests and group discussions to train the students for IELTS.The exam has been designed to assess your ability in writing, speaking, listening and reading. Seabird has the right type of curriculum in providing finest training for the aspiring students. The students are taught fine tips about how to clear the IELTS exam with flying colours.
At Seabird International, we give individual attention to the aspiring students so that they can get the required bands in IELTS. IELTS is conducted all over the world by British Council, UK and IDP Australia. The test is available in two formats – academic and general. IELTS training in Mohali  includes the finest training for all the modules of IELTS like listening, reading, speaking and writing. Our trainers are well trained and provide the best training to the students for IELTS. We have state of the art infrastructure and best facilities for IELTS exams. At Seabird, the trainers stress on skimming and scanning for reading modules.  For listening section there are separate sessions for the students.  We give the students sample writing tests which include letter writing and essay writing. We schedule the time for the students for these tasks. We make the students prepared for both academic and general writing tasks. The academic and general tasks are totally different. We have highly certified trainers who help you with the writing and reading tasks.
 At Seabird International, we make you go through to get the general idea of a passage and read for detail. We make you manage your time during the test. We will give various scenarios to you for the writing test. In IELTS, we improve your reading skills by giving you sample texts. We give you IELTS listening practice tests by making you listen to the recordings of the conversations. We provide you different recordings and make you listen to a monologue. After you attempt the listening test, we give you feedback on your mistakes. We also make you listen to the recordings once again so that you know where you have made the error.
 We assist you in gaining confidence so that you accomplish your English objectives if you are a beginner or an expert learner. At Seabird, the students are our utmost priority. Our assurance is that you get the finest service from us. We strive hard so that you get the desired score with ease.We make you familiar with varied accents utilized in the recordings. We make you go through the various synonyms as this will enable you to earn nice bands in IELTS listening. We have got the finest supplementary material used from newspapers. We utilize the strategies to improve your score in IELTS. We have the expertise to train you in such a style which enhances your band score in IELTS. IELTS trainers are specialized to hone your proficiency in English language in the course by giving extensive practice.Our timings are highly flexible for nursing professionals. We have got early morning and late evening batches for the working experts. We have varied batches for academic and general modules. We have well trained and certified IELTS trainers. We also facilitate foundation courses for the ones who have problems in grammar.

Friday, 27 July 2018

IELTS Lstening Practice

IELTS is the best International English language testing system and is recognized all over the world. It is taken to evaluate the proficiency, quality and integrity of the candidate. This test is dependable and a valid evaluation of the candidate. IELTS is conducted to evaluate the student’s ability to take up the courses offered in English language. The finest universities in the nations such as UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are the compulsory proof of English proficiency. The score you are required to get in IELTS to clear the eligibility criteria of admissions can differ in accordance to the selected university or course. Seabird is the finest IELTS institute in Mohali and delivers the best quality English language education for the aspiring students. At Seabird, we conduct regular training programs for the aspiring students to improve their ability in 4 modules of communication such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. We make sure you get utmost success in the IELTS examination. The main objective of IELTScoaching is to get more aspiring students each year. Seabird has various kinds of modules which have been designed for varied types of students. These modules focus on practical learning of the language.

Our main objective at Seabird is to assist the students get complete success in IELTS. Our trainers fulfill the requirements of the students by designing the curriculum and meet the personal requirements of the students. The trainer gauges the performance of the candidates. There are many institutions in 135 nations which recognize this exam.IELTS is conducted in more than five hundred global centers 4 times per month. Many people from varied backgrounds may appear for the test and it is the most accepted type of global testing. It makes it essential for aspirants to plan a well structured preparation prior to taking the IELTS exam. There are small batches which make sure there is individual guidance where our trainers give intensive and focused classroom training. Every module of the class covers IELTS sections like reading, listening, speaking and writing. There will be classed held two or four times per week and there will be complete flexibility in the schedule.

There will be individual attention given to the students according to the problem areas in various modules. We facilitate listening practice from the past IELTS exams. We make sure there is complete practice to get best scores. We facilitate feedback to the students on their mistakes and share some of the strategies to enhance their scores. There is extensive speaking practice given by making use of past IELTS questions which cover the three sections. Our faculty has a complete belief in tutoring and also mentoring and gives guidance to the students to be excellent in the IELTS examinations. There are simulated exams facilitated to provide the students complete experience of an IELTS examination. There is evaluation of performance in all the modules. There are doubt and tip sharing sessions by the trainers. There are some expert strategies shared by the trainers to handle various kinds of questions and loopholes in the candidates. There is result oriented training from day one. There is training for academic and general modules. We have a well experienced and a dedicated faculty. There is comprehensive course material. Individual attention is given to the students. We facilitate basic training for all the candidates. IELTS assesses the proficiency in English of the candidates around the world.
The Academic module is for the ones who wish to enroll themselves in universities and other institutions of higher education. The general training modules is for those who plan to undertake non-academic training or get work experience or for immigration purposes.The listening and speaking modules are same for both modules such as reading and writing sections. There is comprehensive training in general and academic modules and also doubt clearing sessions with great practice. There is full help in filling and booking of IELTS, OET etc. There is a nicely equipped library with CDs and books. The classes are held five days a week. The batch sizes are small. There are practice tests and modules meant for the students.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Expert OET Coaching in Bathinda for the aspiring students

At Seabird, various courses have been designed to enhance the four OET testing areas like listening, reading, writing and speaking which make you prepared for the OET exam. OET exam is an international English language test which is for the healthcare arena. It assesses the English language skills of the healthcare experts who want to practice and register in an English speaking environment. Seabird is a reputed OET training institute at Mohali. We make sure we have all the materials available in the particular examination. We have well experienced trainers who have immense command on the English language on the medical subject. There is letter writing which includes formal and informal letters, patient referral letters, pronunciation and appropriate language when dealing with people in private clinics and hospital setting. There is speed reading and comprehension for the OET test modules. Speaking includes tone, diction, fluency, accuracy, volume and it covers the patient scenarios in Australia for specific purposes. You have to know the text and answer the questions relevant to the text.

A discussion is there prior to taking the test. The trainer will discuss the mistakes in the class and then personal corrections are made. The students are given guidance about how to speak, write, listen and read in OET so as to achieve a good band in the examination. The results are provided according to the OET grading system which is A, B, C, D etc. The students are given correction and assessment after the test. In case a candidate does not get the prerequisite score, he or she needs to give the whole exam once again. The candidate needs to repeat the failed module. The fees will be imposed for that module. OET is a profession based English exam which deals with the medical topics for nurses, physiotherapists etc. The exam is easier than the IELTS exam. OET lays stress on the four language skills like listening, reading, speaking and writing. It lays emphasis on communication in medical and health professional settings. The listening test consists of two components – In Part A, candidates need to listen to a dialogue between a professional and a patient. In Part B, candidates need to listen to a health expert who is in a short conversation on a health related topic. They need to finish a broad range of open and fixed choice questions.
The reading test has two parts. Part A is for the duration of 15 minute and Part B is for 45 minutes. The candidates need to skim three or four short texts. They need to complete a summary by filling the missing words. This test has been designed to evaluate the reader’s ability to scan the texts in specified time duration. The candidates have to read through two passages in Part B on a healthcare topic and answer 8 to 10 multiple choice questions for each text. The writing task asks the candidates to write a letter and it is a referral letter. A different kind of letter is required for some experts. Speaking: The speaking test is in the form of personal conversations with a speaker. The start is in the form of an interview about the candidate’s background. The candidate has two or three minutes to make preparations for the role play. The role play is for just 5 minutes. The sub test score consists of OET graded from A to E. A has the highest grade and E is the lowest. There is no total grade. One can have the outcomes 16 days after the test. The candidates get varied grades for every sub test. Several organizations require the candidates to have B grade in the four sub tests.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Why Do we Need IELTS ?

IELTS is International English language testing system which evaluates the language ability of the people who wish to study in an English speaking environment. Several universities, employers and immigration authorities need that you to possess IELTS band scores prior to accepting your application. It is pivotal to know that your IELTS band score is valid for two years when you think when you wish to begin the test. You have to decide the version of the IELTS test that is best for you. There are two versions of IELTStest – Academic and General training version. The two versions of IELTS have 4 modules – reading, writing, listening and speaking. The IELTS listening and speaking sub tests are in academic and general training version.

Applying for the IELTS test

IELTS is the most famous English proficiency exam in the world. IELTS exam is needed from non-native English speakers who wish to study, work or live in an English speaking nation. IELTS is a paper based examination. The four skills of IELTS are speaking, listening, reading and writing. These are assesses through various questions in the social context. Every core skill has its own strategies.
 There are several reasons why non-native English speakers require a certification in IELTS. There are some IELTS candidates who want to start an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK. The finest aspect to do is to undertake an IELTS course. An IELTS course will assist the IELTS test candidates to hone their English language skills suited for the IELTS exam. IELTS test is divided into Academic and General training. In case you want to work in Australia, Canada or New Zealand, you have to take general training IELTS test prior to the approval of the visa. Academic IELTS test is for the ones who wish to study at university or work in a special profession.

The Canadian, Australian and New Zealand government sets this band and it is 6.5 bands for Canada, 7 for Australia in the general training test. An educational institute such as a university has its own required band and it relies on several aspects. IELTS tests have the similar format such as listening, reading, speaking and writing test. It is tested in a broad range of facilities all over the world. The writing and speaking modules in general training are simpler than the academic modules.IELTS can be challenging and involves a great deal of practice and study. Several students may take up a course at a language school and study all by themselves or with friends at home.Many IELTS students take the test without knowing how the test functions. IELTS courses are accessible online through the national universities and language schools. One suggestion is to make sure you take the appropriate test and it may be general or academic and begin practicing it fast.

IELTS is a benchmark for the students to test their ability to understand and utilize English as a second language. To train the students in honing their English language skills is complicated and highly specialized. The language skills determine the development of career of the students. IELTS is the benchmark for universities and colleges to get access to the language ability of a student. There has to be guided practice given inside the learning environment and the students have to continue to practice and finish the task at home.There has to be self learning and consistent practice with the trainers as a facilitator to improve the personal skills of an IELTS student. This is a step by step approach to every section and module. It is essential in case a student requires help with their study skills methods.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

How To Get IELTS Band 9 || Tips for IELTS Training

There are several institutes in Chandigarh which facilitate IELTS coaching and we have chosen some of them.  These institutes are ranked and are based on coaching quality, experience of the staff, reviews of the students etc. At Seabird, we have a highly professional teaching staff who have at least eight years of experience. We pay personal attention to every student. We are located in Mohali and are great educational hub. We have comfortable and flexible batch timing. We have got updated study material prepared by experts.  We have additional grammar classes for the students who are weak in grammar.

The course duration has been designed after doing the analysis of the skills of the students in English language.  We have a huge number of highly successful candidates and have improved strategies for IELTS coaching. We have a presence in the Punjab region and Mohali. We have got a highly trained teaching faculty. We deliver best support with material preparation. We have convenient test dates,  locations and venues across India. We have everyday practice assignments given to the students and also online examination practice. We have got professional coaches and our coaching is based on the knowledge of overseas education.
We have mock tests taken on a regular basis to prepare the students. We have very flexible class timings for professionals and working people. We possess a very trained professional staff. We have very competitive IELTS modules for preparation. There are some methods for making IELTS learning simpler. There are tough practice sessions to hone the abilities of the students.
At Seabird, we have trained more than 3000 students with average IELTS band score of 7 and PTE score of 65 marks. We facilitate the best option for the students within their budget. Our faculty is renowned for the best teaching methods and is very cooperative in nature.  The study material facilitated by them proves to be of great benefit. The class timings are planned to adjust to the schedule of the students.
Mohali is the hub of educational institutes and students from around the world come here to pursue their education further. We encourage the students to improve their spoken English, writing skills, reading skills and listening skills. We take utmost care to stress on the practical usage of the English language so that the students feel confident to clear the test.  IELTS is a widely accepted English language test for education and immigration.  IELTS examines the proficiency of English language for work or study in countries where English is the main language. IELTS is conducted by iDP Australia and British Council. IELTS test has four language skills such as reading, listening, writing and speaking.  IELTS can be taken in two versions – Academic and general training and this depends on the visa requirement and if it is required for professional or academic aims.
IELTS students have same listening and speaking modules and separate reading and writing modules in general training. The academic scores in IELTS are recognized by colleges and universities for further education in the English speaking countries. The general skill of the candidates in broad social and workplace contexts is evaluated. It is for people who want to settle in the English speaking countries for work or training programs and education.
IELTS is recommended for students who are above sixteen years of age. There are no educational requirements for taking the IELTS examination. Any person who wants to study or work in the English speaking countries can apply for the IELTSexamination. IELTS is recognized by the Cambridge University, UK. It is a testing system which has four skills like writing, reading, listening and speaking.
IELTS is the most reputed English language testing system. It has over two million students to take up the IELTS test every year. IELTS has a great deal of opportunities for you to study and work around the world. There are over 10000 colleges, universities and other organizations around the world which accept IELTS grades.  IELTS is a language test of choice which is accepted for migration purposes by all the countries.
Seabird is reinventing with an objective to get near to perfection as possible. We have a belief in setting new standards for the industry. We provide a good value to our clients with assured satisfaction. We stress on a skill based approach which leads to mastery. Our teaching is on the basis of three aspects – concepts, application and strategy.
Seabird is a one stop destination which facilitates best coaching for overseas English language exams such as IELTS, PTE, OET etc. We have updated study material to assist the students get high scores in all the modules. We give individual attention and flexible timings are some added benefits. This academy serves in the field of global education since seven years and has improved many students who have scored between 7 bands to 9 bands. Seabird is an institute which facilitates training for various language proficiency exams for medical experts such as OET examination.  We give best quality worldwide education and provide an opportunity to prove their talent abroad.
Seabird is the finest coaching center for IELTS and OET coaching in Mohali and Punjab region. We facilitate the finest coaching for IELTS exam preparation in Mohali. We have experience of several years and feel very proud that the IELTS institute in Mohali has the finest faculty for finest IELTS examination preparation in Mohali for the students. Students who come to our IELTS institute hone their confidence in a way that one can get 7 or 7 plus bands in the IELTS exams. We facilitate coaching for the PTE and IELTS preparation for the students who choose the finest PTE coaching in Mohali.

Friday, 8 June 2018

IELTS Academic

We have immense experience to train for IELTS, OET, spoken English and interview preparation to students. We are a professional team of motivated and devoted experts with a commitment to make the ability strong of English speaking competence to accomplish their objectives. We have designed comprehensive curriculum for many years. Seabird is a top institute for IELTS. We have a great record.We have the best level of infrastructure with best classrooms for each course training and computer labs with audio visual aids for IELTS.We are a top one stop solution provider. We deal in study visa to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We assure best quality training and it is a very vital aspect of our identity.We have a belief that our success lies in the success of the students. We assist and support our student so that they can achieve their dreams. English is a language spoken all over the world and it is a universal language. Nowadays people are going overseas to do their studies or for business purposes. English functions as a bridge to resolve the issue of communication and assists the students.The basic idea of studying abroad has a great deal of complexities. Things have become easier when you have to fun.

The things have become easier where you have to focus on clearing exams such as IELTS, OET etc. All the exams have been conducted for non-native English speaking nations and are a measure of how well one can deal with the foreign language. Students have o give these exams and the score is the first step for admission anywhere. The exams are cumbersome and not equal to any English exam. One has to read, write, understand and communicate in the language to score well.
The institutes assist the students in accordance to the exam pattern and make them practice in order to get a better result.  We have a highly committed team of counselors, education advisors who adopt a stringent student approach. IELTS coaching center is the most prosperous institute for IELTS exam. Each institute has got a uniform curriculum and has a nice trained faculty. Every center has same teaching standards and syllabus. IELTS coaching center is popular for its extensive research and is a one stop solution to aspirants of exams. IELTS is a standardized test of proficiency of English language for non native English language speakers.

It is managed by British council and IDP Australia. There are two versions of IELTS –Academic version and general training version. IELTS academic is for the ones who enroll in universities and other institutions of higher education and for professionals like nurse and doctorate who wish to study or practice in an English speaking nation. IELTS general training is for those who want to do non academic training or to get work experience or for immigration purposes. There is no criterion of least score to pass IELTS or test report form to all test takers with a score from Band 1 to Band 9 and every institution have criteria for varied threshold. 
IELTS is a test of English language proficiency. It is managed by university of ESOL exams, British council and IDP education Australia. There are two modules of the test that is offered and candidates can opt for academic or general training module.
The academic module is for those who want to study in universities and other institutions. The general training module is for those who plan to have work experience or those who want to immigrate.
IELTS is accepted by Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand and other academies. It is by different professional organizations throughout the world. Different accents and writing styles are there in the text materials to reduce bias. The test is focused on international English and this includes British English, American English and other varieties.
The basic idea of studying abroad has a great deal of complexities. Things have become easy when you focus on clearing the exams like IELTS, OET etc. The exams are conducted for non native English speaking nations and gauge how you can adjust with the foreign language.
Students applying to various universities have to give these exams. The examinations are cumbersome and not equivalent to any English examination. One has to read, write and communicate in the language to score nicely. The institutes assist in tuning the students in accordance to the examination pattern and that leads to a good result.

Seabird facilitates services in spoken English, IELTS for students. The firm charges affordable fees for all its services and gives a nice output. It has preparation courses like spoken English, IELTs and interview skills development that is taken by well experienced trainers.
 Seabird has the finest English speaking and IELTS course in Mohali. We have a team of dedicated counselors, education advisors. IELTS is a difficult task to take on when it is about making a career and the firm assists you in accomplishing all your dreams.
Seabird facilitates professional training for IELTS, OET and PTE for different programmes. Seabird has a team of professional trainers who can train the students in accordance to the market requirements. Seabird has assisted many students in getting settled in their careers. The study material given by Seabird is of global standards with audio and video lectures.
Seabird gives professional training for IELTS, PTE, and spoken English, interview preparation and training for different programmes. Seabird has well experienced faculties who have immense knowledge in assisting the students get the desired band score.
We have trained many students and our institute provides the best IELTS or PTE coaching for one or two months. We have the best study material, training programs, practical classes and flexible class timings  to help the students manage their schedule.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Introduction of Occupational English Test

OET is an overseas English language test for the healthcare arena. It evaluates the language communication skills of the healthcare experts who want to register and practice in an English speaking environment. OET is available for the 12 professions dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, speech pathology and veterinary science.

The test has been developed to make sure that it has kept up with the present practice in language evaluation. OET is recognized by regulatory healthcare bodies and councils in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore etc. Several organizations include hospitals, colleges, and universities and make use of OET as evidence of the ability of the candidate to communicate in an effective manner in a demanding healthcare environment. OET is recognized by Australian department of immigration and border protection for many visa categories which include work and student visas. The recognizing organization ascertains that grade results mean that the candidates meet the language competency standards to function in their profession.
OET gives a valid evaluation of the four language skills like listening, reading, writing and speaking with stress on communication in medical and health professional settings. OET has sub tests like listening, reading, writing and speaking. The listening test comprises of two modules.  In Part A, candidates need to listen to a consultation between a patient and a professional. In part B, candidates have to listen to a health expert giving a short talk on a health related topic. We need to complete a  wide range of open ended and  fixed choice questions. The reading test has two parts – Part A which lasts for 15 minutes. Candidates have to skim three or four short texts and finish a summary paragraph by filling the missing words.
It has been designed to evaluate the ability of the reader to scan texts in a time limit and get information from several texts. Part B is for 45 minutes and candidates have to go through two passages on a general healthcare topic and also answer 8 to 10 multiple choice questions for each text. It has been designed to evaluate the ability of the reader to read  and understand longer texts. The writing paper asks the candidates to write a letter and it can be a referral letter. In some of the professions a varied type of letter is needed for example a letter of transfer or discharge or a letter of advice to a patient or group.
Speaking. The speaking test is in the form of one tot one conversations. It begins with a short warm up interview regarding the professional backup of the candidate by two role plays. The candidates have two or three minutes to prepare for each role play. .Role plays are there for five minutes and are on the basis of interactions between a health professional and a patient. The candidates need to have two to three minutes to prepare for each role play.
At Seabird, we provide an approach to learning. The students work with genuine texts and OET exam practice material to develop language competency in particular topic areas and learning is designed to make sure students develop a huge vocabulary bank and utilize grammatical structures with a great degree of precision. The materials utilized on the course have been designed to exhibit the task types which are there in the OET exams.

The students concentrate on each skill area and a lot of attention is provided to learning effective examination strategies. There are timed examination practices of different examination aspects and complete mock examination held on a regular basis with right personal feedback after each one.  OET is applicable to the health professionals who include medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, dietetics, radiography etc.
There are some of the professions which need graduates of non-English speaking background from universities in Australia to pass the OET examination. OET is profession centric and uses the language of the health professions. It is a natural test of proficiency of English for overseas health experts to utilize. Students may do a full eight week programme or enroll week by week as their time and budget and finish their studies.

We have highly trained OET trainers and they give personal support to each student all through the course. Seabird has got its own course designed to exhibit the task types that are there in OET exams. We add new materials for each profession. We adopt an integrated approach to learning. Every week our students practice four skills. The students work with texts and official OET exam practice materials to develop a huge bank of vocabulary and utilize grammatical structures with a greater degree of precision.

Our students can learn and practice effective examination strategies in each lesson daily. The mock exams are held each day and there are timed examination practices of different examination aspects and complete mock exam held on a regular basis. We have personal feedback after each one. OET evaluates the language communication skills of the healthcare experts who want to register and practice in an English speaking environment.  It gives a valid evaluation of all the four language skills like listening, reading, writing and speaking with stress on communication in healthcare professional settings. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

IELTS test format | Best IELTS classes in Chandigarh

Seabird is a one stop destination which gives best coaching for IELTS in Chandigarh etc with other languages which are in demand by the students for migration overseas. .
The flexible timing and individual attention are some benefits.  Seabird has been serving in the field of global education since 7 years and has improved many students who have scored between 7 bands to 9 bands. We provide the finest quality education which assists the professionals and gives an opportunity to prove their talent.
Professional guidance is important to get the best scores by our students. The courses cover all the things you require to know regarding the IELTS exam. You have to focus on some parts of the test and you have to give the finest result. IELTS has been designed to evaluate the language ability of the candidates who study or work in nations where English is the main language for communication.
IELTS is managed by University of Cambridge ESOL exam, British Council and IDP Australia. IELTS has got global reputation with 9000 organizations all over the world. Much professional registration companies depend on the IELTS test for selection of the candidates. IELTS is accepted for migration to foreign nations which include UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. We are the finest IELTS coaching in Mohali. We facilitate immigration services to families, businesses and persons all over the world. We help clients with proper documentation.
IELTS is the first step for the study abroad or settle abroad program. We know that accomplishing the desired scores is vital. We make sure our students get the required bands. IELTS evaluates level of English of non native speakers who want to use English in an academic or professional context or who require English for a visa application via immigration to Australia.
IELTS is an English test for testing language proficiency of the individual. The test system is managed by British council, IDP and university of Cambridge ESOL exams.
Academic IELTS is for people who want to continue their higher education by enrolling in universities in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.
General IELTS is used for work permit and immigration purposes in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK etc. it is use for work experience or training in a non academic field.
s IELTS (International English Language Testing System) serve as the gateway to numerous countries on the globe; where people and youngsters are planning to go. It enables you to proceed further pertaining to visa planning. Every country has its own native language and to survive in complete new environment which have language other than yours may give you hard time. IELTS is the English language test which is attestation to your certification regarding proficiency in this particular language. 
IELTS is an authorized test and is valid in 126 nations across the world. IELTS is helpful for study plans to permanent residency. The bands will make sure that the selection of the students from nice colleges pertains to the industry. The four modules have been designed in a manner that the students exhibit all types of skills of the language. People who wish to settle overseas need to sit in the language test.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Seabird is a reputed institute for facilitating IELTScoaching and has been ranked by the professionals in different verticals such as industrial training, visa assistance and internet services. IELTS is utilized to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in the language. We facilitate the best coaching to all aspirants making use of a wide range of teaching techniques and innovative learning that gives success. We have an objective to deliver first rate coaching to all the aspirants making use of wide range of teaching methods and learning activities to assist them in accomplishing the outcomes in IELTS examination. IELTS is an English language proficiency test that has to be taken by non native students to study in nations where medium of instruction is English. 

IELTS is accepted by universities in Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada. It is a compulsory test for study in Australia. One cannot be granted a student visa to Australia without an IELTS score. The study destinations have to appear for IELTS or TOEFL. IELTS tests the four language skills vital for effective communication like speaking, listening, reading and writing.
IELTS coaching center is an educational group which provides the finest service and great class action programs for tests like PTE, IELTS, spoken English and personality development.
Each institute has a uniform curriculum and a well trained faculty. Every center has same teaching standards and syllabus. Seabird is popular for its research and is a one stop solution to aspirants of exams. We facilitate the finest coaching for PTE or IELTS in Mohali. We have trained more than 3000 students with an average IELTS band score of 7.
Our faculty is renowned for its teaching methods. .The study material given by them is highly beneficial. We have a drive to explore new means of doing things. We search for people who want to dream and are willing to be different. IELTS is a vital aspect of the study or settle abroad procedure. We know that accomplishing your desired score is vital. We make sure that we do all the things in our power to go beyond the expectations.
You have to make sure you will get trained by a highly qualified educator. Our trainers have immense experience of English instruction experience and overseas work experience in teaching and content writing for English books. We assist you to get admission to the premier academic institutions in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
In case you are searching to travel abroad, we can assist you in getting the visitor visa and give you guidance in the immigration process. We facilitate best quality training in spoken English so that you acquire the skills and confidence you require to integrate into English speaking nations. Our services are highly affordable and of the best quality.
We have the best facilities and resources to make sure that all walk through our doors and have access to the best environment. The success of our students is our main priority. We assure you will be contented with our service. We facilitate the best comprehensive training for our students. Students get complete information on various study options in many nations at one place. This enables them to opt for the destination that suits their requirements.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How To Prepare For IELTS

Students who are applying to various universities have to give these examinations and the score is the first step for admission any place. One has to read, write and communicate in the language to score well.
The basic idea of studying abroad has brought about a great deal of complicatedness. Things have become easier where you have to focus on clearing examinations such as IELTS, OET etc.
All these exams are conducted for non–native English speaking nations and are a measure of how well one can cope with the foreign language.
Seabird has the in depth curriculum that leads to best success rate of its students. In case you wish to take an IELTS course in Mohali, this institute needs to be considered. The IELTS coaching classes in Mohali are considered the best for the students.
IELTS is the world’s most renowned English language proficiency test. IELTS is used for higher education and overseas migration and we are the finest source of information.
The IELTS coaching programs are designed in a manner that provides ample practice to the students in the methods needed for taking the IELTS test with complete confidence. We have a focused coaching program that provides the candidates ample base to get great scores in IELTS. Our main focus is on vocabulary, grammar and practical usage of the language.
The IELTS exam has two modules – Academic and general training. The exam is conducted by two organizations – IDP Australia and British Council.
The listening test is for 30 minutes and it has four sections. Each section consists of 10 questions and takes forty minutes.
Reading is for 60 minutes. The reading paper has three sections and there are many question types such as short answer questions, multiple choice questions, identity information and finishing a summary making use of words taken from the text and suiting the heading information.
The writing module is for sixty minutes and we give you two tasks which have to be finished. Speaking is for 11 to 14 minutes and speaking test will have face to face between an examiner and the test taker. The total test time is for 2 hours and forty five minutes.
IELTS checks the proficiency level of English. This test is for those candidates who want to visit abroad for job and work and for higher studies. IELTS is the most popular English language examination. The IELTScoaching classes in Mohali are the best in the region.

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